Today, I was just thinking how I've always met boyfriends and within the first month envisage them as a paintings which from then on never deviates! Currently, I always visualise my husband as nude behind a large tree with his form hidden with only one eye peeking round the corner. He is in a vibrant green flourishing forest with amazing cobalt blue large flowers trying to 
immerse him, he has a cheeky look in the one eye that I can see. I have not completed this work but one day I will. I remember I always envisaged an ex-boyfriend as a triptograph nude full on at three differing angles with a pain stone colour background. This painting was also never completed. A further ex, I viewed standing still and I could only see the back of him with his face slightly turned towards me looking down with his long hair covering most of his face. He is the only one that is clothed in the depiction! I now have two sons, but it struck me I don't visualise them as paintings only people that have been a lover. It is interesting how the brain makes these subconscious choices that I only realised today!!!