Wow what a week! Finally issue of Skin Deep magazine came out in news agents this week with a 5 page spread of interview and photographs. I am so pleased they (Trent and Sion) did a great job and Julie Howden photos were great especially as photos taken 6-7 months after my baby boy was born, I'm pleased to say all baby weight is now gone. 

Also, now I am 3 weeks into this mad anti pain detail of physio, pharmacist, psychologist, and GP. I feel I'm in a parallel universe where chronic pain patients are somehow frowned upon. God knows why, were only human too! Anyway, my normal mechanism of fashion to reduce all ills is underway in full sway! Thank goodness for eBay, Vestaire Collective and all fashion designers and artists. You don't know how many people you give such joy too on a daily basis.

Ahh Chanel Chanel where would we be with out the spirit of Coco and the power and fun glam of Mr Karl Lagerfeld. Oh la laaaa….