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Chanel tweed sequin trainers, Fashion, I'm in love….

Posted by Emma Scott-Smith on Thursday, August 7, 2014,

It's been a week of pain clinic, fashion, time off studying and amazing fashion! When I look round the pain clinic, I am the only one in my 30's by about 30-40 years. I wonder to myself if other peeps cope with pain via amazing fashion fantasies and day dreaming about Chanel's next trainers collection. I've halved my opiate intake over last 2 years but the pain is now very tough. Somehow I think if I'm dressed in head to toe fab fashion the pain in my spine will dissipate, I'm still working o...
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Adore Chanel

Posted by Emma Scott-Smith on Wednesday, July 23, 2014,

It was 6 am on a Monday morning, baby up at 5 and now asleep after much food. I felt I needed my daily fashion pickup 
curtsey of Chanel fantasy tweed duster coat, lambs skin silver gilet, bug long silver chanel necklace and the always present and dependable hermes 140 cashmere Silk shawl. Forget the white cotton primark dressing gown underneath. A girl needs 6 am fashion to prepare her for the rest of the day in baby and jeans, well and a hermes 140 Shawl of course (;

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