The Art Collection

acrylic and spray paint on canvas

2016 Solo Exhibition
'Reflections of the East'

Emma Scott-Smith BSc hons MSc MBLPsS MPhil is a Scottish born abstract and installation artist. Her work has been exhibited extensively in the UK as well as China. Her artwork and Artivism research has been published worldwide. She has received numerous awards, commissions and funding for her work.  Emma teaches and lectures in the field of the visual arts, research and psychology, working at University and studio space

Her solo exhibitions have toured Scotland and China. Her recent relationship and funded visits to China have developed ground breaking visual narratives of common human emotions of pain and hope in Eastern cultures. This culminated in multiple publications, media outlets and exhibitions of her work in Scotland, USA, UK, and China. Recently exhibiting with fellow artist Kate Downie with The University of Stirling's Art Collection 'Reflections of the East' (2016).

    Medics Gaze

    acrylic and spray paint on canvas


    Reflection of the East, The University of Stirling Art Collection

                                       Phone: 07811961538



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